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Unrivaled Medicine God
Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2124 – Heaven-Defying Rise gullible boat
The men and horses for the battleground collapsed instantly, simply being stunned into nothingness by these 4 impressive wills.
“This … This can be a genuine dragon will! Just how do he have this sort of natural and potent accurate dragon will? This self-discipline has probably already attained the amount of Ancestor!”
Dao Forefathers not appearing, both of which could virtually be said to be undefeatable existences.
Even so, it had been not over still.
Accurate dragon will!
Sword of will, real dragon will, qilin will three impressive wills, essentially pressed the large cauldron and giant palm, and rose significant within the sky, going straight for your clouds!
“Hmph! Hmph!
The will existed within the divine spirit. For Ye Yuan in order to use true dragon will, it displayed that he or she had a 100 % pure dragon soul!
Simply unthinkable!
Sword of will, real dragon will, qilin will three impressive wills, essentially pushed the massive cauldron and gigantic palm, and increased higher in the heavens, heading right for your clouds!
“With my dragon soul, balance the universe! Condense to me!”
A hint associated with a sour smile flashed around the edges of his lips in which he mentioned, “Master, just what type of a alarming rival do you locate! Once he soars up in the future, would you like to really be his go with?”
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Nevertheless these three different types of strength of will essentially showed up on Ye Yuan simultaneously.
in the end less strong by way of a degree!”
Heaven and globe trembled again!
But an authentic dragon will was several!
A tip of any bitter grin flashed around the edges of his lips and this man stated, “Master, just what type of a terrifying challenger have you obtain! As soon as he soars up at some point, are you going to be his complement?”
But who may have believed Ye Yuan essentially condensed three will forms all at one time, and overcome the will styles of these two mighty powerhouses straight back to above the heavens!
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But who could have believed Ye Yuan really condensed three will develops all at once, and conquer the will kinds of these two mighty powerhouses to on top of the sky!
Unrivaled Medicine God
Wait, how could he have believed Ye Yuan was really monstrous to such a amount?
Sword of will, a fact dragon will, qilin will three impressive wills, essentially pushed the huge cauldron and enormous palm, and increased substantial into the skies, heading straight for those clouds!
… …
Qilin Emperor Bone[1]!
… …
A giant sword versus a giant cauldron. A giant dragon versus a giant palm.
“This … How is it attainable? Ye Yuan conquered the wills of two mighty Transcendent Perfect Emperors regarding his will on your own?”
But now, Ye Yuan shattered the whole world, allowing them to reappear in the world!
The addition of the qilin would make the combat condition have a paradise-alarming great reversal.
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“He’s just with the Accurate G.o.d World! As he extends to the realm of Perfect Emperor at some point, exactly what frightening existence would he be?”
Correct dragon will!
On the other hand, amidst the bemoaning, Ye Yuan’s palm dealt with the atmosphere and another paradise-alarming will broken forth.

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